For three years, Social Capital Conference has been a huge hit to an eager audience of social media users excited to learn and share with others in the Ottawa community. Here is a sampling of what attendees, roundtable leaders and speakers have to say about #SoCapOtt – and a hint of what you can expect in 2014!

“Social Capital Ottawa is an informative event that is a must-attend for anyone who is out there on the social net. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, whether you run a blog, Web site, or are on some other social networking forum such as Twitter, you can find something new to make your busines or personal site and experience exceptional.”

~ Ross Brownfoot, @rossbrownfoot

“Social Capital Conference 2011 managed to pull together the best Ottawa has to offer in social media at all levels–from hopeful beginners to experienced and seasoned experts for a day of networking, learning and professional development. Whether you are interested in learning how social networking tools can benefit your career personally or give your business a competitive edge, this conference is a worthwhile investment.”

~ Kelly Rusk, @krusk

“A chance to geek-out with local social media folks? I sure wouldn’t miss the Social Capital Conference! I attended last year and found it to be both welcoming and enriching.”

~ Julie Harrison, @coffeewithjulie

“The Social Capital Conference is that riskiest of things: a conference in the middle of the summer, when thoughts may turn more to sangria to social media. And it’s also that most wonderful of things: a conference that uses members of a vibrant community to teach each other and raise the bar for all of us involved in social media in the Ottawa area. I wouldn’t miss it.’

~ Bob LeDrew, @bobledrew

“This event is the PERFECT segway for those who are interested in Social Media, but not sure how it tailors to their life and career. With the various levels of workshops ranging from beginner to business, Social Capital Ottawa gave people with an interest in Social Media an absolute experience. Upon attending the conference I enrolled and completed the Social Media Certificate program at Algonquin with Susan Murphy, (@suzemuse) and Leanne Labelle, (@leannelabelle) as my professors. I now run my own blog and am on track to begin the Journalism program at Algonquin College in September. Last year’s event changed my life, cannot wait to see what this year has in store!”

~ Rory MacDonald-Gauthier, @rory_mg

“Social Capital Conference offered me a unique experience to grow my skillsets in Social Media from, in my opinion, an intermediate level to a near expert one. The full day had different tracks that fit different skill levels and use cases for Social Media, Personal to Business and Beginner to Expert, and with fantastic speakers. All in all #SoCapOtt lead me to a better understanding of Social Media in business and personal life, I would highly recommend attending; you’re guaranteed to learn not only from the presenters but the many awesome and open discussions from attendees!”

~ Brandon Waselnuk, @BrandonWaselnuk

“I was pleased to be a part of the first Social Capital Conference in Ottawa. The caliber and variety of speakers and speaking topics was well received by very well educated, and of course social, audience. The format worked well and I know all participants came away with actionable social media plans, whether they were personal or professional.  Ottawa is a very plugged-in city. Thrilled to be coming back again this year.”

~ Kathy Buckworth, @KathyBuckworth

“Social Capital has done a great job of finding local speakers with experience in a wide range of social and digital media efforts – the diversity of voices is incredible.”

~ Joe Boughner, @JoeBoughner