Social Capital peeps get the opportunity to attend moderated roundtables each year. It’s a great opportunity to grab a coffee and ask questions, share your own knowledge, and dig deep into the topics you’re most passionate about in a casual and friendly environment. This is info-sharing at its very best, which is what Social Capital is all about.

Here are this year’s roundtables:

Furthering your cause: Getting politically active through social media
Amy Boughner

Social media channels are not just a place to poke your friends or talk about your lunch, it is increasingly a space where people are talking about what’s important to them and what’s happening in the world. Movements grow online, and you can reach out directly to our political representatives. Has social media changed politics? Absolutely. Be the change you want to see.

Reality Check: So You Want a Career In Social Media?
Joe Boughner

It seems these days more and more people want a career in social media. So what does it take? Joe Boughner’s worked with marketing, communications and – yes – social media teams from some of Canada’s largest companies and organizations; come chat about what it takes to make a career in the industry (hint: it’s a lot more than being good at the twitters).

Writing Twitter Biographies
Vanessa Chiasson

The New York Times describes Twitter bios as a post modern art form. Hillary Clinton’s Twitter bio has been described as the best ever written. But even if you aren’t worth of the Times or Hillary, you can still capture a wide audience and charm your readers with an anything-but-ordinary Twitter bio.

Concentrating on connections: Nurturing and connecting and why it matters
Diana Coote

You already have the tools you need to find, nurture and grow your community. Let’s talk about how you can go about building and nurturing your community, both online and offline. We’ll discuss the importance of your communities and the ways in which you can help each other thrive. Come with questions you’ve had, challenges you’ve faced, or success stories to share.

The Art of the Pitch
Karen Green

Opportunities online abound, but do you know how to go after them? From working with brands to writing a feature article, pitching takes skill, clarity and not a small amount of courage. Let’s chat about best practices when it comes to pitching, and how to survive this nerve-wracking process.

How Non-Selfish is your Roundtable?
Chris Ghostling

We will discuss a few real examples of communication challenges that stem from not connecting with an audience. But let’s talk about yours. Come to the session with a relevant challenge or question you have and we will break it down.

Getting Inside the Heads & Hearts of Your Community
Trefor Munn-Venn

Want to understand what makes your audience “tick” in even more detail? This Roundtable will help remove the frustration and confusion about why some social media content works, and others don’t. Let’s take a look at what’s working today and hear about what your experience has been as well.

From Live to ‘Likes’: Experiential Marketing and Social Media
Olivier Fortin 

As recent years have shown, nothing gets the online world more abuzz than a good offline marketing stunt. This roundtable will discuss the benefits of building share-worthy experiential tactics into your social media efforts. Topics will include insights into creating and sharing live stunts, and examples of successful stunt-driven campaigns.

Content Creation Crisis Workshop: Figuring out what to write next
Rebecca Stanisic 

In this round table, Rebecca will discuss ways to avoid the “I don’t know what to write!” crisis that many content creators face. By identifying tips, tools and techniques, participants will leave with a better ability to create their next piece of content – whether it’s on social media or their blog (business or personal). Features include editorial calendars, how to re-purpose old content, and finding/using content on various social media channels.

Newsletters – Why you need one, what you should say, and how you can start.
Lara Wellman

In this roundtable attendees will learn why adding a newsletter to their marketing plan is important. We will also discuss what online tools are available and will share ideas on how to get started.

The not-so-simple start – navigating challenges of a social media program
Karen Wilson

Whether you’re just starting out or trying to rejuvenate a program that’s lost its lustre, there are challenges at any stage of implementing and maintaining a social media program. We’ll spend time talking about the challenges that have come up for you and explore ways you can work to overcome them.