From Groups to Networks: The True Meaning of Social Capital

Jenna Jacobson

The group is dead! While we think of Facebook Groups and other online communities as “groups”, people have actually broken away from a group structure and operate as a network. This shift has major implications for how people communicate and relate to one another on a day-to-day basis; however, many marketers and individuals continue to think of customers and people as participating in groups.

Jenna’a keynote will present prominent academic research on understanding networks and social capital in an attempt to bridge the divide between industry and academic research.

Attendees will develop an understanding of the true meaning of “social capital” and what it means for building community and relationships. The precise meaning of the term “relationship” has evolved with social media as face-to-face is not a prerequisite for a relationship to emerge, exist, or flourish. Furthermore, the use of social networking sites is changing the ways people can access and understand their social capital: people are further understanding, harnessing, quantifying, and growing their social capital in unprecedented ways online.

By embracing a networked approach, participants will understand how to strategically and practically position oneself in your social network to foster a competitive advantage.

The Behavioural Psychology of Social Media

Trefor Munn-Venn

Ever get that feeling that your posts are just, well, posts? Social media is most powerful when it combines the business objectives of the organization with a strong understanding of the tools and a comprehensive knowledge of behavioural psychology. This keynote will show you an alternative way to look at how to use social media — and other communications channels — to transform what people believe and how they act.

Farewell to the Penny: A Case Study in Social Media for Government Case Studies

Kristen Scheel

From official languages requirements to approvals processes, social media management poses a unique set of challenges for Government communicators.

When the Government of Canada announced in 2012 that it planned to phase out the penny, it was clear that social media would play an important role in the Communications strategy. As an early adopter of social media, the Royal Canadian Mint was well positioned to take the lead on the campaign.

Learn how the Mint engaged, and grew, its existing communities on Facebook and Twitter to not only share important practical information about the penny phase out, but also to create a space where Canadians could share their personal stories, and celebrate the history of Canada’ 1-cent coin.

This presentation will cover all aspects of the campaign: what worked and what didn’t, from goals, to target audience, tactics, budget, evaluation and results. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how the Government of Canada is using social media to engage in a two-way dialogue with Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Attendees will leave my presentation with a better understanding of how the Government of Canada is using social media to engage in a two-way dialogue with Canadians. They’ll also learn some practical and creative social media tactics that can be used in their own campaigns, whether for Government, non-profit, or private sector.


Beyond the Blog: Tips for Transitioning to Professional Writing Online

Karen Green

You’ve worked hard as a blogger, honing your craft and creating a community for your words. Want more? In this session, we’ll help you discover ways to get your writing working for you.

Topics will include:

– Making the leap to professional writing
– The differences in writing creative and writing corporate copy (and why you should explore both)
– The art of the pitch
– How to find new venues for your writing in a competitive market
– How your blog and social media sites can support your career
– How to keep your clients coming back for more.

My goal is for attendees to leave my presentation with a better understanding of themselves as writers, and to have a better understanding of what it takes to become a professional writer in today’s landscape, and whether or not that is an avenue they truly want to peruse. To facilitate this, each attendee will walk away with:

– an honest picture of the professional writing landscape and where they fit into it
– actionable information for exploring the myriad of professional writing opportunities on the web
– actionable information for writing and submitting a strong pitch

(Intermediate, Advanced)

Wine, Food and Friends: Engaging social media influencers to attract new audiences to the Orchestra

Kelly Rusk & Kimberly Raycroft

In an effort to attract new audiences and create a fun social night out, the NAC Orchestra launched its Casual Friday series with an innovative marketing communications campaign via PR, advertising, and social media.

At the centre of the campaign is an influencer outreach program that started with an innovative invitation involving a team of Banfield staff members, a violinist and a server, going on the road to personally visit targeted social media influencers and invite them to a special preview event.

Supported by a five-week social media content plan and select advertising, the campaign not only attracted over 60% brand new audiences to the Orchestra, the first event was a sell-out success and generated unprecedented social media engagement for the Orchestra.

Presenters Kimberly Raycroft, Senior Marketing Officer at the National Arts Centre and Kelly Rusk, Communications Director at Banfield, managed the campaign and will provide you with inside information on it, from the stakeholder analysis through implementation and evaluation.

Session outcomes:

1) An understanding of how to engage social media influencers in a way that creates a positive partnership and makes influencers feel like a vested part of your initiative
2) Insight into how to entice busy influencers to attend an event
3)How to approach social media from a holistic marketing campaign point of view

(Intermediate, Advanced)

A story about a little company that made itself useful (Or, provide it and they will come.)

Diana Coote

Making Friends, Inspiring Engagement and Giving Good Content: Your Ears, Your Eyes and Your Friends Are All You Really Need. How to look at analytics, engagement and community to build brand awareness, foster engagement and encourage growth.

Following presentation, attendees will be able to evaluate, understand and harness the power and value of partnerships – and the importance of sharing good graphics and great information in their own social media communities and content marketing – to build their online communities and bring traffic to their site and social channels.


How Selfish is your Communication?

Christopher Gostling

Today’s communication, across all platforms and mediums, from tweets to boardroom presentations has become filled with selfish communication.

Years of putting the art of language into the hands of industry professionals has lead to stereotypes, and stigmas around how we communicate – professionals who only know how geek out using their own specific vocabulary and information, value structures. This has lead to missed opportunities to inform, connect, and ultimately inspire the audiences that matter to our businesses and brands.

Chris Gostling has developed a straight-forward approach to qualifying the language and communication practices we use to avoid these selfish pitfalls, better understand our audiences, and ultimately get what we need to say, said.

Following my presentation, attendees will be able to qualify any audience for their communication needs, craft their messaging in a relevant way for this audience, and build confidence in their ability to present an idea to anyone.

(Intermediate, Advanced)

Capital Changes: Shifting the Legal Landscape in e-Marketing, Privacy & Intellectual Property

Ariadni Athanassiadis

The Feds have been busy reconfiguring the legal landscape in privacy and intellectual property law and the changes will have significant implications for the use of social media in e-marketing. It’s time to visit the CASL, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation if you haven’t done so already and get a refresher on other privacy legislation you still need to work with. It’s also time to find out how new changes to the Trade-marks Act could impact your branding strategies with social media and get a refresher on the intersection between trademarks and copyrights in a digital world. This seminar will take you through the new legislative changes and provide some practical strategies for updating your approach to e-marketing using social media.

Session Outcomes:

1) Understand the basic requirements of the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation;
2) Understand the growing range of branding elements that may be protected as trademarks under anticipated legislative changes; and
3) Conduct an initial audit of e-marketing practices to take the new legislative changes into account.


Crafting great content

Mel Coulson

Like it or not, you’re telling a story – and every word, every photo and every video counts. Your content tells people a lot about you, your skills and your business. In this session you will learn how create content – on any platform – that holds onto your audience and won’t let go. Learn about a great hook, details and surprise and how to craft a story customized for web, tablet, mobile and social media audience.

Attendees will be able to:

1) Think strategically about the audiences they are targeting to craft content to that audience.
2) Use some new storytelling skills to captivate.
3)  Understand how to effectively map out a story, before they begin.


Refresh, renew, rethink your blog (Or, get your bloggy mojo back!)

Karen Wilson

It happens to every blogger. One day you wake up and don’t want to write. Nothing interests you. Nothing inspires you. There are many reasons this happens. From writer’s block, to fear of repeating yourself, to content fatigue and just plain tiredness. Learn about the many different walls you can hit as a blogger and the different ways to crawl around, climb over or bust through them.  New and prospective bloggers will benefit from incorporating tactics to keep their blog fresh from the beginning. This session will consist of interactive exercises and discussion. Everyone who comes to the session will walk away with a challenge  – something that’s outside of their normal content (maybe even outside of their comfort zone) – to help them revitalize their blog. Attendees will also gain:

1) An understanding that hitting the wall happens to everyone for many different reasons.
2) Tactics to help prevent loss of inspiration and spur creativity.
3) Solutions for getting out of a slump when it hits (including advice on what not to do).

(Beginning, Intermediate)

Content Marketing Step-by-Step

Joseph Thornley

“If the customer is always learning, then the marketer must always be present.”

We live in a digital first world. More and more, we as citizens and consumers turn first to digital for information, for connection, to help us navigate in the world.

This has had a profound impact on both marketing and communication. Google has conducted research that shows that business buyers do not contact suppliers until 57% of the purchase process is complete. They are making up their mind based on information they find largely on the web.

In this context it is essential for businesses to ensure that their perspective is represented in what consumers will find in their online explorations.

This does not mean that businesses should simply throw content at the wall to see what sticks. Instead, they should engage in a planned, continuous process of publishing content on the web that their customers will find informative, entertaining and useful.

Joseph Thornley will provide attendees with an overview of a step-by-step process they can follow to launch and sustain an effective content marketing program.

Following my presentation, attendees will be able to make the case for a content marketing program that achieves organization objectives and that delivers meaningful results. They will know what is involved in a content marketing program and be equipped with an approach that will allow them to scale it to the resources they have available.


Delivering Delight on Both Sides of the Screen: A new approach to audience engagement through social media

Joe Boughner

The idea of engaging your audience has become so oft-repeated in social circles that it risks bordering on the cliché. Communications strategist and writer Joe Boughner believes that to truly make any communications or marketing strategy work, engagement must be rigidly defined and ruthlessly measured in a way that makes sense to your unique business or organizational context.

Looking at the notion of engagement through the lens of what your audience needs vs. what your audience wants, this presentation offers up a new way of defining engagement as delivering moments of unexpected delight that resonate at the level of the individual. It positions social media as a subset of your overall marketing and communications mix, then discusses social media’s unique role in giving your audiences what they truly need.

Drawing on experiences working with major Canadian brands such as Petro-Canada, Suncor and the Rotman School of Management, Joe will present a framework for defining your audience personas and mapping their interactions with your organizations with a particular focus on needs, wants and opportunities to deliver, complete with a measurement framework for defining success.

Following my presentation, attendees will be able to:

1) Define their audience personas
2) Map the lifecycle of touchpoints with each persona, including key social interactions
3) Measure the success of each engagement

(Intermediate, Advanced)

How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for your Business

Sherry Crummy

You have come to realize that online marketing, social media and content development are important aspects of any business marketing strategy. If you would like to learn how to develop a more effective social media and online marketing strategy for your business, you are invited to an introductory workshop to show you how to develop a relative social media strategy for your business; develop engaging content that speaks to your target audience; and learn how to track and measure the success of your marketing campaign.

This introductory workshop is ideal for business owners who have little knowledge of social media, and those who are interested in developing their existing social media strategy. Attendees will leave the session with the following outcomes:

– a plan to develop their social media strategy
– what tools may work best for their strategy
– content ideas
– how to track and measure

(Beginner, Intermediate)

Cracking the Code to Your Online Personal Brand

Cyrus Mavalwala

You’re a manager and everyone on the executive knows you and the value you deliver. But beyond the office walls, how are you perceived by others? Are you a blip or beacon on the virtual radar?

If first impressions are so important, what have you done to strategically design your online personal brand to ensure your future bosses, partners and employees are connecting with your authentic story. You’ve done your diligence and know your personal brand, but how do you accurately and genuinely project your persona online?

Taking the time to assess, define and build your personal brand online will help you position yourself for maximum positive impact. Through dissecting a new online personal brand model, Cyrus shares insight, invites introspection and offers actionable advice so you can design and maintain an effective online brand.

Session Outcomes:
1) Use an innovative model and walk through a new model step-by-step to move their online personal brand forwards
2) Access a number of free, easy-to-use tools to help them reach success in their quest of building their personal brand online
3) Leverage new knowledge of tactics and real-life case studies that they can apply the very next day to improving their own personal brand


Doesn’t everyone hate newsletters?

Lara Wellman

How often do you skip checking your email? The answer is probably: rarely. Despite the fact that people think the popularity of email marketing is decreasing it is actually still one of the most important ones around! In this session we will cover:

– Why it’s important to send a newsletter
– What tools you can use to send newsletters
– How often you should send your newsletter
– What you should be saying in your newsletters
– What an autoresponder is and how it can be used
– How to measure the success of your email campaigns
– The importance of list building and tactics to grow lists
– How to analyze the results of a campaign

Attendees will leave this session knowing whether or not they should start a newsletter. They will also be able to use tips learned on how to create good content (headlines, topics for the body), and analyze whether or not what they’re doing is working.


Look good & grow your audience with Pinterest

Vivian Cheng & Eric Jean-Louis

Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? So what is a shared pin on Pinterest worth to you? As a social media platform, Pinterest relies heavily on good graphics and an audience that’s eager to share what you’ve got. Learn tips and tricks to making graphics that not only look good, but have the maximum potential for being shared. You’ll also learn how to quickly grow an audience with Pinterest so that you get followers who are targeted specifically to your niche.

Following this presentation, attendees will be able to:

– Set up a Pinterest account
– Get it verified (if they are a blogger or business)
– Create optimal graphics that get shared
– Grow their Pinterest audience

(Beginner, Intermediate)

Twitter Chats for Beginners, Brands and Businesses

Vanessa Chiasson

As one of the co-hosts and founding members of the hugely popular #girlstravel Twitter chat, Vanessa has been hosting Twitter chats for nearly 2 years. #girlstravel attracts a loyal community of participants from around the world, regularly achieves several million timeline impressions, and has collaborated with sponsors like Sony and Princess Cruises.

In addition to #girlstravel, Vanessa has also hosted #SheNow and #WeGoSolo and regularly participates in over a dozen weekly chats with topics ranging from travel, entrepreneurship, journalism, writing, food, and wine.

Vanessa will walk beginners through the basics of participating in a Twitter chat and explain how it can help enhance a personal or business brand. And for those looking to expand their social media presence, Vanessa will explain all the logistics behind setting up your own successful Twitter chat – from drafting questions, choosing an ideal topic and time, connecting with your audience, attracting sponsors, monitoring hashtag use, and more.

Twitter chats are one of the most fun and enjoyable aspects of social media use but they are also an extremely effective way to enhance your brand – with a little knowledge there’s no reason why you can’t combine business with pleasure!

Following my presentation, attendees will be able to:

1) Participate in Twitter chats with ease, with a full understanding of techniques and etiquette.
2) Use Twitter chats for personal and business brand enhancement as they establish their credibility as an engaging, compelling, personable social media presence.
3) Organize and host their own Twitter chat and measure meaningful results from it.

(Beginner, Intermediate)

LinkedIn: The Next Play

Perry Monaco

Perry Monaco, Strategic Consultant with LinkedIn Canada will de-mystify the world’s largest professional network and how you can leverage its membership of over 300 million members. You will learn how to enhance your brand (both professional and personal) and why the future belongs to those who network. Perry will also share some of the newest exciting features of LinkedIn and preview what’s coming in 2014 and beyond.

Following my presentation, attendees will be able to articulate their brand, their headline, their social media goal and have the tools (either learned or at the very least where to find them) to execute a strategy.