As part of the Social Capital Conference (SoCapOtt) organizing committee, I may be a little biased when I say this was the best Social Capital Conference to date.

From our stellar speaker lineup, to our supportive sponsors, and our truly engaged attendees, the 2013 SoCapOtt was awesome.

A few of you shared your insights and key takeaways from this year’s conference and I really like how Jake Naylor sums it up in this tweet:

#SoCapOtt 2012 walkaway: do only the social media that you can be good at. // 2013 walkaway: use social media with intent and purpose.

— Jake Naylor (@jake_naylor) June 1, 2013

Our purpose with this conference is to offer the SoCapOtt community a forum to learn and share social media insights and successes. So that, as Jake says, you can use social media with intent and purpose.

But beyond that our aim is to make this a welcoming conference where people are excited to make connections and help one another learn how to be helpful on social media, rather than just push an agenda.

To keep the SoCapOtt community active and the discussions ongoing post-conference, we plan to host Twitter chats and Tweetups throughout the year. We have a few other ideas brewing too and can’t wait to share them when ready.

In the mean time, we invite you to:

  • Continue the learning and networking by joining the private group on Facebook 
  • Take a look through the conference photos Cherie-Lynn Buchanan took over the weekend. (Thanks CL! The photos are great!)
  • Keep the conversation going on via the #SoCapOtt hashtag
  • Share your own photos on the SoCapOtt Facebook page or by linking your blog recaps below