Yasmin Nissim has a deep interest in understanding how the sharing of information can affect us in our private lives and the impact it can have on our public images.

So much so that as part of her Master of Arts in Law thesis, Yasmin explored the consequences of allowing privacy legislation to go misunderstood and misapplied, and how this can affect the way information is shared when dealing with at-risk individuals.

Pretty cool.

Yasmin currently works with the Privacy Information Agency, Inc., aiding them in their ongoing efforts to bring privacy accountability and compliance to the forefront of public and private institutions using practical tools, programs and policies. She also works as a Senior ATIP Analyst with a large crown corporation. Oh and when she’s not busy with all of that, Yasmin is also a writer and editor for the award-winning arts and culture blog, Apartment613.

We’re really excited about Yasmin’s June 1st Social Capital Conference session, The Mosaic Effect: Uncovering Your Online Profile.

Because privacy and use of social media applications and platforms seem at times to be at complete odds with one another. And yet, as Yasmin describes in her session outline, the use of social media in our day to day lives has grown exponentially. Not only is this a tool to stay in contact with friends and family, it is a tool to build and share ideas, to find out about that new job applicant or pull information on our new professor or boss.

We are increasingly engaged in sharing various pieces of ourselves and our lives with the world wide web, though sometimes certain pieces can end up online without our knowledge or consent.

So how do we manage our online profiles and identities?

In her session Yasmin Nissim will discus the “mosaic effect” in the context of personal information and how it is shared in today’s social media landscape. She’ll also discuss the implications this can have in terms of not only the security of an individual’s personal information, but the integrity of their online identity.

Attendees will leave Yasmin’s session with a broader perspective on how to understand their privacy online and what they can do to manage their identities on the web.

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To learn more about privacy online and what you can do to manage your online identify, you need to attend Yasmin’s session June 1st at the Social Capital Conference. Tickets are on sale now. To view the complete lineup of sessions on June 1st check out the agenda page.