Ariadni Athanassiadis is an intellectual property attorney advising entrepreneurs and professionals about their opportunities to make their expertise, innovations and creativity work for their businesses and the communities they serve.

In this post, Ariadni gives a bit of background into what she’ll share June 1st during her Social Capital Conference (SoCapOtt) session Blogging and Intellectual Property: A Compass and Map for Success.

Driving with my family past the Experimental Farm recently on a sunny evening, we caught some furry creatures frolicking with each other in the fields.

With classic mommy style, I said “oh, look at the hedge hogs!” realizing instantly that in my excitement of being the first (for a change) to notice animal life from the car I had committed a fatal mind-speech disconnect and was about to pay for it.

My husband was quick to point out that they were “prairie dogs” and, well, he got it wrong too. Our daughter set us both straight declaring emphatically that they were not hedge hogs or prairie dogs, but in fact “ground hogs.”

As my husband and I sank in our seats a little lower it occurred to me how often this happens in all walks of life, so it’s not surprising that for many, intellectual property is like a roadside distraction that pops up out of nowhere, and more often than not, you can’t be sure what species you are dealing with.

If blogging is your business or your pastime, then information and dialogue is your craft. This session will help you be more aware of when you are potentially engaging intellectual property opportunities or risks with respect to what you blog about.

The goal is to give you a framework you can use to identify the different forms of intellectual property that are relevant to what you write about, and some simple tips to avoid those thought to expression disconnects that can lead to legal reproaches or lost opportunities for building your readership, brand and reputation.