Melany Gallant

I’m a communications professional and self-professed social media junkie. With over 13 years experience in PR and marketing, I plunged into social media in 2006 and got hooked. What fascinates me most about the medium is that it’s all about community-building at web speed. As the Manager, Public Relations for Halogen Software, I’m responsible for running the company’s social PR program. I write about motherhood, the social web and pop culture at, and enjoy nerding out with others who share a passion for technology and the Whedonverse. When I’m not chasing after my four-year-old girl, I’m working at elevating my limited knitting skills. Connect with me on Twitter or on one of these other sites.

Shawna Tregunna

Shawna Tregunna, founder of ReSoMe

I would much rather if dogs ruled the internet, instead of cats, and I‘m working on a master plan to make that happen! I am also the founder of ReSoMe (short for Relevant Social Media) and work with an awesome team specializing in outsourced community management as well as content creation and design. I am in constant awe of the power of social media and the ability to connect and influence so many people in so many ways – I love watching and making it happen every day! I am passionate about empowering women in business & tech and although most of our clients are medium to large businesses, I have a soft spot for startups and entrepreneurs. I tweet personally as @ShawnaActuallyand professionally as one of the voices at @ReSoMe.

Lara Wellman

I’ve been online a really long time – since before the internet, back when the term social media didn’t exist but we were taking part in it anyways on bulletin board systems. I turned my love of online community and my experience in communications into my career and specialize in online writing, strategies and simplifying social media for small businesses. I blog about social media at Wellman Wilson Consulting, and you can also find me on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Karen Wilson

Once upon a time, I used to log into web-based chat rooms and ICQ to connect with other people far and wide. I even traveled to other cities – and eventually Canada (from my hometown in Florida) – to meet people I talked with online. Then I actually moved from Florida to Canada – I get a wide range of looks from people when I admit to this. The tools have evolved over time and now I use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and othersto connect with new people. I’ve become more active in my local community through social media and met so many wonderful people I now call friends, associates and clients. I truly believe that social media as a tool can help individuals, communities and businesses accomplish great things and I love being able to help small businesses achieve their goals.