Year: 2013

Use social media with intent and purpose

As part of the Social Capital Conference (SoCapOtt) organizing committee, I may be a little biased when I say this was the best Social Capital Conference to date.

From our stellar speaker lineup, to our supportive sponsors, and our truly engaged attendees, the 2013 SoCapOtt was awesome.

A few of you shared your insights and key takeaways from this year’s conference and I really like how Jake Naylor sums it up in this tweet:

#SoCapOtt 2012 walkaway: do only the social media that you can be good at. // 2013 walkaway: use social media with intent and purpose.

— Jake Naylor (@jake_naylor) June 1, 2013

Our purpose with this conference is to offer the SoCapOtt community a forum to learn and share social media insights and successes. So that, as Jake says, you can use social media with intent and purpose.

But beyond that our aim is to make this a welcoming conference where people are excited to make connections and help one another learn how to be helpful on social media, rather than just push an agenda.

To keep the SoCapOtt community active and the discussions ongoing post-conference, we plan to host Twitter chats and Tweetups throughout the year. We have a few other ideas brewing too and can’t wait to share them when ready.

In the mean time, we invite you to:

  • Continue the learning and networking by joining the private group on Facebook 
  • Take a look through the conference photos Cherie-Lynn Buchanan took over the weekend. (Thanks CL! The photos are great!)
  • Keep the conversation going on via the #SoCapOtt hashtag
  • Share your own photos on the SoCapOtt Facebook page or by linking your blog recaps below

Soshal Supports SoCap Ottawa

We’re pleased to have Soshal Group sponsor the 2013 Social Capital Conference (SoCapOtt). In this post Dave Hale, partner and Chief Executive Officer with Soshal, shares why this Ottawa-based agency supports SoCapOtt.

Soshal is an agency that is passionate about business innovation and entrepreneurship, operating nationally in Ottawa, Toronto, and Calgary.

We work to create great digital experiences for some of Canada’s most notable brands, including Algonquin College, Astral Media, the Canadian Hockey League, the Ottawa Senators, and

Investing in the growth and development of our professional community has always been a priority at Soshal. This being the case, sponsoring the Social Capital Conference is a natural extension of that mandate as hundreds of marketing, communications, and digital professionals in Ottawa gather to learn, share, and collaborate.

We believe that our business plays a key role in the city’s development of digital best practices and case studies and the Conference gives us the ability to network with others who are all working toward the same goal!

Our focus has always been to drive tangible business success through digital execution. We should all be working through a natural learning curve when it comes to social, specifically, which usually involves four key phases:

  1. Understanding
  2. Experimentation
  3. Development
  4. Innovation

The Social Capital Conference provides a platform to advance your skills regardless of where you are on the curve.

For more information about our agency, to join our Ottawa team, or discuss an upcoming project, please connect with our Marketing Manager, Alex Reid, by email at

Dave Hale is responsible for corporate strategy, business development, and marketing at Soshal. Recognized as one of Canada’s Top 20 Future Entrepreneurial Leaders Under 30 by Profit Magazine, Dave’s goal is to bring fresh enthusiasm and innovative ideas to awesome brands.

Dave is also a board member for the Ottawa Community Loan Fund and sits on the Social Media Committee for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Register for the Social Capital Conference

There is still time to register for SoCapOtt. To purchase your ticket visit our ticket page. And if you’re free this evening, join us for the pre-conference Tweetup. All are welcome! 

Yasmin Nissim: The Mosaic Effect of Your Online Profile

Yasmin Nissim has a deep interest in understanding how the sharing of information can affect us in our private lives and the impact it can have on our public images.

So much so that as part of her Master of Arts in Law thesis, Yasmin explored the consequences of allowing privacy legislation to go misunderstood and misapplied, and how this can affect the way information is shared when dealing with at-risk individuals.

Pretty cool.

Yasmin currently works with the Privacy Information Agency, Inc., aiding them in their ongoing efforts to bring privacy accountability and compliance to the forefront of public and private institutions using practical tools, programs and policies. She also works as a Senior ATIP Analyst with a large crown corporation. Oh and when she’s not busy with all of that, Yasmin is also a writer and editor for the award-winning arts and culture blog, Apartment613.

We’re really excited about Yasmin’s June 1st Social Capital Conference session, The Mosaic Effect: Uncovering Your Online Profile.

Because privacy and use of social media applications and platforms seem at times to be at complete odds with one another. And yet, as Yasmin describes in her session outline, the use of social media in our day to day lives has grown exponentially. Not only is this a tool to stay in contact with friends and family, it is a tool to build and share ideas, to find out about that new job applicant or pull information on our new professor or boss.

We are increasingly engaged in sharing various pieces of ourselves and our lives with the world wide web, though sometimes certain pieces can end up online without our knowledge or consent.

So how do we manage our online profiles and identities?

In her session Yasmin Nissim will discus the “mosaic effect” in the context of personal information and how it is shared in today’s social media landscape. She’ll also discuss the implications this can have in terms of not only the security of an individual’s personal information, but the integrity of their online identity.

Attendees will leave Yasmin’s session with a broader perspective on how to understand their privacy online and what they can do to manage their identities on the web.

Register for the Social Capital Conference

To learn more about privacy online and what you can do to manage your online identify, you need to attend Yasmin’s session June 1st at the Social Capital Conference. Tickets are on sale now. To view the complete lineup of sessions on June 1st check out the agenda page. 

Ariadni Athanassiadis on Blogging and Intellectual Property

Ariadni Athanassiadis is an intellectual property attorney advising entrepreneurs and professionals about their opportunities to make their expertise, innovations and creativity work for their businesses and the communities they serve.

In this post, Ariadni gives a bit of background into what she’ll share June 1st during her Social Capital Conference (SoCapOtt) session Blogging and Intellectual Property: A Compass and Map for Success.

Driving with my family past the Experimental Farm recently on a sunny evening, we caught some furry creatures frolicking with each other in the fields.

With classic mommy style, I said “oh, look at the hedge hogs!” realizing instantly that in my excitement of being the first (for a change) to notice animal life from the car I had committed a fatal mind-speech disconnect and was about to pay for it.

My husband was quick to point out that they were “prairie dogs” and, well, he got it wrong too. Our daughter set us both straight declaring emphatically that they were not hedge hogs or prairie dogs, but in fact “ground hogs.”

As my husband and I sank in our seats a little lower it occurred to me how often this happens in all walks of life, so it’s not surprising that for many, intellectual property is like a roadside distraction that pops up out of nowhere, and more often than not, you can’t be sure what species you are dealing with.

If blogging is your business or your pastime, then information and dialogue is your craft. This session will help you be more aware of when you are potentially engaging intellectual property opportunities or risks with respect to what you blog about.

The goal is to give you a framework you can use to identify the different forms of intellectual property that are relevant to what you write about, and some simple tips to avoid those thought to expression disconnects that can lead to legal reproaches or lost opportunities for building your readership, brand and reputation. 

Workshop: How to Produce better video with your iPhone

The best thing about workshops is that their purpose is to put you to work. It’s a learn-by-doing approach that makes the take-away that much more valuable.

To prove the point that the medium is the message, Anthony from Do More Video created a short video to explain what you’ll learn May 31st during his Social Capital Conference (SoCapOtt) workshop.

Check out this promo video for How to Produce Better Video with Your iPhone:

As Anthony says, timely and budget-friendly video is at your fingertips, but you need to get yourself registered for his SoCapOtt workshop to learn how.

This workshop is sponsored by Henry’s. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

Interested in more SoCapOtt Workshops?

Check out the full line up of May 31st workshops – from video and podcasting how-to’s to content marketing excellence, from social media research to the ins and outs of WordPress, there’s something for everyone. Get yourself to SoCapOtt!


Stay tuned – we’ll be announcing winners of the ticket giveaway next on the blog!